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The course is specially designed for students who have no knowledge of the language and want to learn the basics of the language to begin to express orally and in writing. It's a great opportunity for students to increase their job opportunities.

This course is for students in levels A1.I and A1.II, with minimum of 6 months´ access to the platform.

Price: 450 € / level


With this course Cambridge Institute guarantees that students learn the following skills:

  • Understand and learn aspects of German grammar and syntax.
  • Learn vocabulary of everyday life.
  • Keep conversations, understand and produce writings in German at the elementary level.
  • Conduct processes, techniques and exercises to speak German.

This course incorporates the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, through text, video and dynamic exercises that are automatically corrected by the system.


In Cambridge Institute we care about the quality of teaching. The courses are taught by highly qualified teachers, who on a regular basis receive training to improve their knowledge.

Cambridge Institute also has a department for content creation and teaching coordination to ensure the highest quality standards.