If you want to learn Spanish while enjoying the culture of the country, Cambridge Institute is what you need! In this school we offer a wide variety of customized programs and get you more acquainted with the heritage of Spain and its culture-rich capital, Madrid.

Madrid’s most outstanding feature is being the heart and center of Spain. It’s a lively metropolis which offers an extensive range of cultural and leisure activities for its visitors.

We have courses for different profiles and levels. We can also manage your accommodation.


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The courses are taught by highly qualified Spanish teachers, who on a regular basis receive continuing education programs to learn about the latest innovations in teaching methods. Quality is guaranteed with the Cambridge method, the effective combination of learning the written language and oral communication.

Cambridge Institute also has a content creation and coordinating education department, to ensure the highest quality standard.


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By taking this grammar-based test you can obtain an approximate rating of your Spanish language skills. If you want the result to reflect your level of Spanish, take the test only once, and do not use a dictionary.

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Housing in Madrid



Cambridge Institute aims to help you experience the best of Spanish speaking culture in Madrid, in addition to your Spanish lessons. During the first weeks of the course, professional guides will accompany students to the cultural hotspots of the city to show them some of the biggest and most impressive historical and cultural monuments. Here are some examples:

Visits in Madrid

Debod’s Temple - Located near to the Royal Palace. It is an authentic Egyptian building in the center of Madrid, which is more than two thousand years old. It was a gift from the Egyptian government, and is located in a public park.


Culture - Many institutions offer programs in Madrid full of exhibitions, musical performances, film screenings and lectures available to the locals and to tourists. The different foundations include Juan March and Canal, Arabian, Asian, American and British houses around the capital that all promote cultural diversity.


Parks and Leisure Spaces - El Retiro and Madrid Rio are two of the biggest parks around Madrid that combine natural beauty with recreation areas to surprise tourists. Retiro Park is considered a jewel of natural artistic heritage in the city, plus it is a first-hand witness of the monarchical history. The facts we have of this park date back from the time of the Catholic Kings, founders of Jeronimo’s Monastery, near which royal apartments were known as the fourth. It was during the reign of Felipe II where this particular area was a retreat and religious devotion, this is the reason as to why it has been presented with such a name.


Madrid Rio, is an example of modernity. After the underground stretch of the M30 motorway parallel to the river Manzanares, a large park was established for more than 10 miles long which integrates into the banks of central tributary Madrid and provides a framework surrounded by greenery and amusement.

Shopping in Madrid - The main commercial areas of the city have now become major attractions for tourists as they efficiently combine the luxury of most prestigious neighborhoods of Madrid, with the originality of markets and other shopping areas. This results in a wide variety of products to suit all budgets.


Discover MADRID!

Madrid offers you a wide range of leisure activities and culture for the city to meet your budget for your stay in the capital. Famous Art pieces, walking among the best gardens or witnessing major film premieres and theater are some of the surprises you get in Madrid. On your visit, you'll find all types of events to suit all budgets as some of the major attractions are free entry or discounted.
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