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The course is specially designed for students who have no knowledge of the language and want to learn the basics of the language to begin to express orally and in writing. It is a great opportunity for students to increase their job opportunities abroad and in some French markets, such as tourism or research, where knowledge of this language is necessary to get a job.

This course is aimed at people who want to start learning French, levels A1.I, A1.II and A1.III.

Each level grants a 6-month access to the online platform.

Price 450 euros/level


All courses are taught in the Cambridge methodology, in face to face classes with a maximum of 15 students per group.

With this course Cambridge Institute guarantees that students learn the following skills:

  • Understand and learn aspects of French grammar and syntax.
  • Learn vocabulary of everyday life.
  • Maintain conversations, understand and produce writings in French on elementary level.
  • Conduct processes, techniques and exercises to speak French.
  • Understand relevant aspects of French culture.


The courses are taught by highly qualified French teachers, who on a regular basis receive continuing education programs to learn about the latest innovations in teaching methods. Quality is guaranteed with the Cambridge method, the effective combination of learning the written language and oral communication.

Cambridge Institute also has a content creation and coordinating education department, to ensure the highest quality standard.

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The lessons taught by this center do not lead to an officially valid qualification.

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