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What is BULATS?

It is a set of tools in various languages for language testing in the workplace, training and level placement.

It is highly used worldwide in business and industry, and it enables fast, accurate and affordable way of assessing the English level of your employees.

BULATS features a language examination recognized worldwide, in compliance with international standards, and accepted by employers and government bodies worldwide.

In addition, its powerful language audit tools will help you make key decisions on hiring and training. Apart from the test, Cambridge also provides flexible preparatory courses, which will allow you to get language training adapted to the most demanding work plans.

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Advantages of BULATS exams

BULATS is available in English, French, German and Spanish. It is a system for evaluating multi-level language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading), which allows to adjust the needs assessment to each course and competence level.

It is a more economical exam than other certifications, and easy to manage because it can be done on paper or with the help of a computer. These tests are available for the four language skills: listening, writing, speaking and writing.

The test results come in form that contains the examination report and that is clear and easy to understand. It can be made both for individuals and groups. The report consists of an overall score and a score for each language skill. There is no passing grade, scores are from a scale of 1 to 100, fully accepted by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Advantages over other certifications

Prices are cheaper and you get the test results at the moment.

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