About us



Cambridge Institute, with a reputable experience and international coverage, is a private educational center specialized in language training, mainly English, Spanish, French and German. Its work methodology is a guaranteed success for students who decide to join our training programs. Apart from delivering quality, innovative courses, our institution provides students with personalized lesson plans tailored to their level and goals. This is both a verbal and quantifiable commitment because the statistics speak for themselves. An average of 22.000 students fills our classrooms every year, and 95% of our students who take the official examinations successfully pass. Behind every one of them, there are many hours of work and effort, which is always worthwhile.

With this philosophy, Cambridge Institute holds today a top position in this sector, and works harder every day to remain a leading company in the future, and continue to earn the respect and trust of our students.  We offer a wide range of services to make it easier to learn both general and specialized English. We also encourage the active participation of our students as well as the balanced development of the four main skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.