Corporate Social Responsibility Plan


Cambridge institute has made the commitment of developing a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan to ensure that its daily activities adhere to a set of morals and respect people and the environment. We explain below our strategic lines of action, which we seek to implement every day by:


  • Reducing the environmental impact that our activity might cause: As any service provider, we use a great deal of paper, but we always try to print what is strictly necessary. We are also committed to recycling and the using of renewable energy.
  • We ensure the involvement of our human resources in the continuous improvement of the company: On our everyday life we aim for equality of opportunities, personal and professional balance or the incentive to our employees.
  • Assuring the involvement of our human resources in the improvement of our company:  the same opportunities for all, making work and personal life compatible, or the incentive of our workers are three of the most important aspects that our company establishes as priorities. We are totally committed to continue working every day to be a leading company in the sector.
  • Fostering dialogue: Cambridge Institute guarantees the best channels of communication, both internal and external.  Our workers an added value and this is why it is highly significant for us that the communication channels work the best possible way.  We have the same challenge with external communication and we have a communication plan to reach every corner of the world.
  • Getting involved with the community and society: We are an important part of the foundations of this society and we care about its welfare. Our activity is aimed at penetrating every social sector, from children to senior citizens.
  • Extending our commitment of social responsibility to all stakeholders, from our suppliers to the end client. Since we really believe in what we do, our Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond the boundaries of our company. We want our stakeholders to be aware of this commitment, and we want to put  into practice in all the activities they carry out with us.
  • Guarantying the follow up and control of the CSR Plan's implementation: We are able to face and solve any unexpected event to ensure the success of our strategy.  We propose, execute and check to optimize the result.