The Cambridge PET is an internationally recognized exam for people who can use everyday written and spoken English at an intermediate level. This exam is taken by 70.000 peoples in more than 80 countries every year. PET is at level 2 of the Cambridge exams.

A pass at this level indicates that the student has developed the necessary language skills to interact in various social and work situations in an English-speaking environment.

As with all Cambridge exams, PET covers the four main abilities – Reading, Writing, Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression, as well as grammar and vocabulary knowledge.

PET is based on the Council of Europe's Threshold level specification document.

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There are three papers involved in taking the PET exams: Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking. The Reading and Writing test makes up 50% of the final mark, while Listening and Speaking carry, each one of them, 25%.

-Test 1- Reading and Writing : 1 hour 30 minutes
Reading – Candidates are expected to understand information from signs and articles of general interest. Candidates show they can extract information from short texts, show they understand the writer´s point of view, as well as the effect on the target readers.
Writing - Candidates must be able to describe situations, express opinions and write about events.

-Test 2- Listening (Duration: 30 minutes)
Candidates show their ability in extracting information from a range of recorded dialogues.

-Test 3- Speaking (Duration: 11 minutes approximately)
Candidates take the test in pairs. Two examiners will assess the oral expression of both candidates, who will be able to understand and respond correctly.


Examination is available six times a year on fixed dates in March, May, June (twice), November and December. PET may only be taken at Cambridge official testing centers. There are more than 2,400 authorized centers in more than 130 countries.

In order to enroll for the test, candidates must contact the authorized test center at least 10 weeks in advance. It is no possible to register through UCLES.


Once the examination finished, all exams scripts are sent back to Cambridge for marking. The examiners are specialists in the teaching of the English language with years of relevant experience in the proper level. While marking the tests, the examiners, who have previously been trained, are guided and supervised by examiners of greater seniority who are highly experienced.

There are four possible grades for PET: Pass with Merit, Pass, Narrow Pass, and Fail. The final mark a candidate receives in PET is an aggregate of the marks obtained in all the tests. Five or six weeks after the test, all candidates get an Exam Report that reflects their total results and a chart showing the performance of the candidates in each of the tests.

The Certificates for candidates who pass the test successfully will be available approximately 10 weeks after the test.

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